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"I had a bad time with food, I didn't eat and when I did not a lot... Having professionals tell you you can lose weight and eat was a big step for me. Something changed in my life, and I realised i needed to put in the effort if I was going to earn this particular reward. It made me determined, The sheer fact that I can eat and lose weight as well as work out on top of working has made me realise nothing is impossible. Thank you!"


"My week one weigh in loss was 2.5kg, and so much energy. I'm eating healthier, and already feeling more confident. To achieve what I have already in such a short period of time made me realise the only restrictions are the ones I put on myself.  Matt and Amanda you guys are amazing support and I am looking forward to continuing to push myself to new limits. Thank you for this amazing opportunity."



My Name is Amanda Rose, and for the last six years I have had a passion for health and fitness.

Before that...

It was a different story.

I was overweight, self-conscious, suffering from anxiety, arthritis, adrenal issues and scoliosis.

I had seen myself in pictures, and knew I needed to change, but I didn't know how


So I set out on my transformation journey, vowing to myself that I would do "whatever it took" for my health and fitness to get IN SHAPE

The first four months were a disaster...

I kept looking for the quick fix - detoxes, shakes, cleanses, cabbage soup diets

You name it, I did it

Including duromine!

Then in a desperate New Years Resolution I vowed that I would stop this madness and focus on a healthy, balanced diet AND exercise

It took me nine months of mistakes, speedbumps, breakthroughs and VICTORIES

I finally dropped 20kg and was in the best shape of my LIFE!

Because of the hardships I went through I UNDERSTAND what clients go through now when they are trying to lose weight

And it has also helped me create programs based on the BEST methods for fat loss...

Not just what some boffin who hasn't been there before "thinks" will help you lose weight

I have been there myself, so I know what you are going through... and I can guide you every step of the way.


If You Know Me...

You know I'm always looking for EASY WAYS to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allow me to balance my job as an online personal trainer, study for uni, compete in bodybuilding shows and still have a bit of time to enjoy life too 😉

And if you follow me on social media, you'll know that over the past couple years I've been a pretty big fan of following a healthy, balanced (and sustainable) diet!

You may have seen me on The Morning Show talking about the bad side of dieting, how you can easily avoid it, see sustainable results and still enjoy a doughnut (or two).

Ever since I implemented sustainable eating practices into my life, I've been able to easily maintain my weight and stay lean despite my hectic travel schedule and commitments to uni, renovating a house, running a gym and competing in multiple competitions this year!

So I decided, what is something super simple, easy and cost effective I can put together for you to help you see results FAST!

I know nutrition can feel like unchartered territory, and a bit confusing, so I wanted to remove the guess work for you and give you the simplest and easiest way to SHED KILOS FAST.

My weekly meal planner gives you healthy, calorie and macro specific meals delivered to your inbox each week. The recipes are sent out on THURSDAY for the following week to allow you time to get to the shops and prepare for the coming week.


Following my weekly meal planner has been shown not only to help you drop unwanted KG's and CM's quickly and safely.... but eating nutritionally balanced meals also helped me reduce and reverse the pain from my arthritis, scoliosis, and improved my anxiety*
(*in conjunction with exercise of course)

Ever since I was on The Morning Show, I've had so many people reach out to me about how they can get started on their weight loss journey.

I have also had a lot of people really want to work with me, but not been able to add another thing into their weekly budget.

So I wanted to create something FAT LOSS EFFECTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE so you can see results FAST.

My Weekly Meal Plans also take the guess work out of coming up with meals, and remove the temptation of ducking through the drive through or ordering take away as you are ORGANISED and PREPARED each week.

If your eating is on track, you WILL see results.

I have been testing these recipes out with my clients for a few months, and also in my free private group  - and the average weight loss in ONE WEEK was 1.62kg and the most was 4.4kg!!

So imagine what you could achieve by following these meal plans!

What's Inside My Weekly Meal Planner?

  • A guide on how you should plan your week for maximum results
  • 3 breakfast recipes
  • 3 snack recipes
  • 3 main meal recipes

I know you can just "Google" recipes, but do you know if they are going to be right for the results you are going to achieve?

Take the guess work out of it!

Let me send you through a week's worth of recipes and a suggested guide and let me take all of the guess work out of losing weight!

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For Just $10 Per Week You Can Have Simple & Delicious Recipes Sent Straight To Your Inbox. Cancel Anytime.

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"My skin has improved, my stress levels are down and with a high carb diet, I have lost fat, while keeping my energy levels high."


Are You Ready To Take The Guess Work Out Of What To Eat For Weight Loss?

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For Just $10USD Per Week You Can Have Simple & Delicious Recipes Sent Straight To Your Inbox. Cancel Anytime.

*price in USD

More Success Stories

"Before working you guys i was missing the structure of good eating habits and what i should be doing in the gym to achieve my desired results.
The environment was very welcoming and everyone is easy to talk to so if i ever needed anything, everyone was there to give advice as well as just seeing everyone post how they do things and their enthusiasm towards their goals were very motivating. Meals and exercise plans along with additional health information were all so easy to access on the website so it was easy keep on track.
I have the tips and tools i need to keep going and setting/achieving more goals in the future. I never had motivation to keep going. I have way more information about nutrition and also the proper and safe way to lift weights and how to get the most of my gym sessions."


"I didn't have the knowledge of proper workouts that would both target my problem areas and help my overall fitness.
I pushed myself to continue working towards my goals especially when I became injured and I thought it'd have to stop completely to heal but Amanda and Matt gave me exercises I could adjust to keep fit while not doing further damage. Seeing other people sweating it out really gave me the motivation to do what I could.
I have a constant want to be active, I am now more knowledgeable about my food in general and I have met a great bunch of people.