Nothing changes if nothing changes right….

If you keep doing the same thing over and over and over again you literally will never get any further.

We only grow by experimenting a little, changing our habits and learning and using new ways of thought.

I have been reading amazing books lately…

Call me a geek or a nerd, or a self-improvement junkie

I don’t care.

They make me feel happy, help my self-confidence and allow me to outdo myself again and again…

I wouldn’t be where I am now without getting over myself, and investing in my own knowledge and education.


This latest book I have been reading, the code of the extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani is amazing.

And in that book he talks about an tribe of people that don’t have a word for the colour blue.  A scientist took a picture with all different shades of green to this tribe and also the colour blue and asked which was the different colour.  They could pick up on minuscule differences in the colour green, but they didn’t even see the colour blue.

What a mind fuck.

There are literally things existing around us that because we don’t have a word for them we probably don’t even see or recognise.


Once we acknowledge this, and the power of our mind we can actually start to harness our power and potential.

Just because you have always done something one way, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another (or better way).

Stop thinking because one thing (or even 20 or 30 things) hasn’t worked that you are doomed to be stuck in a life you are unhappy with forever.

Seek out knowledge, seek out alternatives.

If it makes your heart happy and your soul sing… keep going.

Don’t stop at the first knock back… you just didn’t find the right path.


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